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Pilot Implementations

Pilot implementations are under way around the country. An independent evaluation is being conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health and RAND Corporation.

These pilots are designed to test the validity of the PROMETHEUS model as a way to price patient care fairly, and encourage physicians, hospitals and other clinicians to collaborate in delivering effective and efficient care. Each pilot will undergo a systematic formal review, including some quantification of interim results to allow recalibration and reconfiguration of the program as necessary. As these assessments are completed, we will distribute them through a variety of outlets, such as toolkits, meetings, forums and online initiatives.

Please click here for an overview of our PROMETHEUS Payment pilot sites.

Health plans, employers, and providers may choose to run their data through the ECR analytics simply for purposes of internal analysis. Others, however, may want use the results of the analysis to drive quality improvement efforts around specific conditions or procedures, to identify gaps in care processes, and to reduce overall costs by reducing dollars spent on potentially avoidable complications.

HCI3 can provide support and guidance regarding interpretation of outputs and design a pilot implementation that is tailored to meet the needs of the implementation site.  The role of HCI3 is to act as an independent third party facilitator and consultant to aid in the design and effective incorporation of the Prometheus model into any healthcare setting.