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Participate in Prometheus Payment

Interest Grows in PROMETHEUS Payment

With the passage of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in March, 2010, employers, health plans and provider groups are assessing their positions and need to react to the recent legislation, especially with regard to its emphasis on payment reform. Among various provisions within the historic bill, language on Medical Homes, ACOs and bundled payment have healthcare stakeholders looking to existing solutions for help in their efforts. Because PROMETHEUS Payment was designed with such large scale changes in mind, interest is mounting from all sectors in a search for answers. Time is of the essence. Payers and plans want to know what is required to participate, what kind of resources must be brought to bear, and how quickly they can implement the program. Providers understand that Fee for Service payment yields few rewards for reengineering care for quality outcomes, and they are intensely interested in new incentives-oriented payment concepts that will make system redesign profitable. Employers are just plain tired of spiraling cost increases that never seem to end and that don't offer quality increases of equal amount for their employees. While we don't have all the answers, HCI3 is dedicated to serving the concerns of hard-pressed plans, employers and providers in offering value-added pathways to participate in PROMETHEUS Payment.

Employers and Health Plans
Save money, pay for quality of care – not quantity

Measure your Complication Rates
Use our case rate tool to compare your potentially avoidable complications (PAC) rate against national and regional benchmarks

Physicians, Hospitals and Health Systems
Get paid fairly, work in teams to improve treatment value and outcomes