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Map Your Data and Build Extraction Reports

Mapping your data and building extraction reports includes:

  • Map your data to program data. Looking at your readiness assessment and the P&P document from the previous step create procedures for aligning your data with the formats required by the BTE program(s)
  • GAP Analysis: make sure you've identified any information required by the programs that is missing and create procedures for collecting that data
  • Build a data extraction report which outlines the source data and the procedures being used to map your data to BTE program data

The proprietary nature of each organization's data makes it difficult to give specific instructions for completing the above. Please be sure you have read and understand all the information in the relevant programs' P&P documents. They include helpful information in the appendices such as the data types, acceptable values, and other information about what is required for each field. The ultimate goal of this exercise will be to create a test data file for submission.

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