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What is PROMETHEUS Payment?

Rewarding excellence, controlling costs: a realistic blueprint for fundamental change

Everyone knows the U.S. must transform the way it pays for health care. The question, of course, is how. We believe PROMETHEUS Payment® is the model that best addresses the full range of issues that can drive profound long-term, system-wide improvements. This model:

  • Compensates providers fairly—and rewards excellence by allowing top performers to earn more.
  • Offers direct and powerful incentives for providers to deliver greater value and better outcomes.
  • Encourages caregivers to work in teams, share information, and take collective responsibility for a patient's health.
  • Provides a realistic framework to transform today's fragmented and inefficient system into one that is far more integrated and accountable.

By bringing economic incentives in line with the medical profession's strong desire to improve patient health, PROMETHEUS creates an environment where doing the right things for patients helps providers and insurers do well financially. And it does this without introducing new administrative burdens, or changing the way patients access care.

Provider Payment Reform for Outcomes, Margins, Evidence, Transparency Hassle-reduction, Excellence, Understandability and Sustainability