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Results of HCI3's Efforts to Improve Incentives in Healthcare

BTE is the most widespread – and perhaps the most studied – clinician incentive program in the U.S. Based on this research, and the research of many others, we have also developed the PROMETHEUS Payment® model now being piloted across the country.

This extensive research shows that:

  • Better quality of care can cost less.
  • Physicians will respond to incentives to deliver better quality care if those incentives are meaningful and proportional to the effort required to earn them.
  • Good care systems, combined with a focus on delivering good results in the management of patients, are essential to achieve full practice transformation.

Much of the research from our first five years has been synthesized in our 5-year Anniversary Report published in 2008. In the box at the right, you will find other research materials most often requested by clinicians, employers and health plans.