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BTE Medical Home

Recognition for adopting the Medical Home approach to patient care

To encourage good care systems and processes, BTE is working with employers, consumer groups, health plans, and clinicians to advance the concept of the patient-centered Medical Home. A Medical Home provides patients with access to quality healthcare from clinicians who meet several key criteria. Clinicians must adhere to evidence-based guidelines, use appropriate health information technology, and demonstrate the use of "best practices", all of which holds them accountable for the quality and value of care they provide.

To earn BTE Medical Home designation, practices must demonstrate that they have adopted effective systematic office processes and that they are using those processes to deliver better care and improve patient outcomes, especially regarding chronic conditions. BTE Medical Home designation is achieved by obtaining Recognition in a combination of BTE's existing programs. as follows:

Requirements for BTE Medical Home Designation:


  • Effective systematic office processes are identified through the achievement of Level II or III Recognition in BTE Physician Office Systems Recognition program. This program requires a practice to demonstrate that it is collecting and using information to improve the management of patient care, and that it is using electronic systems to promote patient safety. Clinicians/practices can achieve recognition in the BTE Physician Office Systems Recognition program in two ways.
    • Option 1 - Achieve a NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home recognition of level II or III.
    • Option 2 - Have a meaningful use certified electronic medical record system


  • Positive patient outcomes are identified through the achievement of Level II or III in any two BTE Care Recognition programs, which demonstrate that clinicians are measuring and reporting clinical performance data resulting in improved delivery of care.

Choose Your Path to Recognition