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Performance Assessment

BTE offers clinicians several pathways to recognition.

In order to receive BTE recognition, eligible clinicians must pass a corresponding performance assessment program administered by one of the BTE-recognized Performance Assessment Organizations (PAOs). BTE-recognized PAOs include: the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA); IPRO, New York's Quality Improvement Organization; and MN Community Measurement Collaborative (MNCM).

PAO Options by BTE Program

To obtain Recognition in BTE's disease-specific Care Recognition programs, eligible clinicians and practices voluntarily submit medical record data demonstrating that they provide high levels of care for a specific condition. There are multiple paths available to clinicians for BTE Recognitions depending on the specific program. Clinicians can choose a path through using the Recognition pathway tool.

BTE Care Recognitions

1. NCQA : Clinicians or practices may submit data on outcome and process measures for a sample of their patients to NCQA for assessment in its Provider Recognition Programs. Assessment is available for BTE's Diabetes Care Recognition through NCQA's Diabetes Recognition Program (DRP), Cardiac Care Recognition through NCQA's Heart/Stroke Recognition Program (HSRP), and Spine Care Recognition through NCQA's Back Pain Recognition Program (BPRP). Clinicians that qualify for recognition in these NCQA programs will be recognized by BTE for the corresponding program at the corresponding level (i.e. DRP Level I= BTE Diabetes Care Recognition Level I). BTE Level I and II assessments are available through the NCQA

2. Automated Performance Assessment System: Clinicians or practices connected to a BTE-approved data aggregator (e.g., EMR vendor, Patient Registry vendor, Health Information Exchange) may have their data submitted on their behalf to an independent Performance Assessment Organization (PAO) for an automated evaluation of their care for a specific BTE Care Recognition program. BTE Levels I-III assessments are available through IPRO and MNCM. Below is a list of organizations BTE is currently working with to provide automated performance assessment for clinicians. Interested clinicians should contact their vendor or organization for more information.

3. Direct Data Submission Portal: Clinicians or practices may submit their data directly to IPRO through its Clinical Data Portal for independent performance assessment. Data on outcome and process measures is entered into a standard file format and uploaded to the web portal for assessment of care for each desired Care Recognition program. Clinicians or practices who demonstrate that they provide high levels of care in a specific Care Recognition program are recognized at Levels I-III.

BTE Physician Office Systems Recognition

For Physician Office Systems Recognition, clinicians may pass NCQA's office practice performance assessment program, Physician Practice Connections (PPC). PPC involves a set of standards associated with comprehensive systems in three critical areas: clinical information systems, patient education and support, and care management. NCQA evaluates office practices to determine if they meet the established performance standards in each of these three systems areas. Clinicians can complete either version 2 or the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) version of NCQA's PPC to achieve Physician Office Systems Recognition. Alternatively, clinicians can achieve Level II Physicians Office Systems recognition by obtaining recognition in one of BTE's disease-specific Care Recognition programs through a CCHIT or Meaningful Use certified electronic health record connected to BTE's automated EMR/Registry system.

Below is a chart that specifies the BTE Recognition Programs available through each recognition pathway. BTE encourages clinicians to choose the pathway that's right for them, as all BTE recognitions are treated the same, regardless of pathway or PAO.

In addition, below is a chart that gives an example of the different pathways available for achieving BTE Recognition using the Diabetes Care Recognition program as an example.

BTE Automated EMR/Registry System – Participating Vendors/Organizations

Eligible clinicians using electronic health record systems may be able to apply for BTE recognition through BTE's automated EMR/Registry System for performance assessment. The following isa list of organizations BTE is currently working with to provide automated performance assessment for clinicians. Interested clinicians should contact their vendor or organization for more information.


Contact Information:


Michael Lieberman, Strategic Marketing, GE Healthcare
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Adam Weinstein, Clinical Intelligence Team Manager
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