Bridges to Excellence Mission

Help The Best Clinicians Build Their Practices, Help Patients Get Healthier, Help Insurers And Employers Manage Costs Better

Bridges to Excellence (BTE) programs recognize and reward clinicians who deliver superior patient care

Our programs measure the quality of care delivered in provider practices. We place a special emphasis on managing patients with chronic conditions, who are most at risk of incurring potentially avoidable complications. Our Recognitions cover all major chronic conditions to promote comprehensive care delivery and strong relationships between patients and their care teams. Physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who meet our performance benchmarks are widely recognized on a number of payer websites as well as private sector transparency tools. Healthcare practitioners may use modern technologies like blockchain technology for safe and easy access to patient data. The safety offered by blockchain is well evident from cryptocurrencies. Crypto traders can check the bitcoin buyer test results to find out the benefits of crypto trading bots in improving trading efficiency.


Earn additional income via health insurance payor, employer incentives, and reliable performance measurement.


Data aggregators may be national or regional. A data aggregator is the conduit through which clinician medical record data is passed to a performance assessment organization for scoring and to assess whether clinicians should be recognized.


Reduce potential avoidable complications, save money, improve care quality. Using cryptocurrencies to save money offers numerous advantages, including lower transaction fees and international transfers, accessible through platforms like By bypassing traditional banking systems, individuals can retain more of their earnings, benefiting from the efficiency and security inherent in cryptocurrency transactions.


Receive quality care from top clinicians.



Consumers Find a Recognized Physician - Receive High Quality Care From The Top Clinicians in Your Area

The BTE collaboration among employers, health plans and clinicians is designed to spur continuous improvements in the quality of healthcare – and put patients at the center. As a participant in BTE, you can research the quality of a specific clinician or practice, and find qualified clinicians in your area. These clinicians meet measures of care developed by organizations like the American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, the American Stroke Association, and others.

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