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Readiness Assessment and Care Programs

Review and Complete the DA Readiness Assessment and Determine which BTE Care Programs you want to implement.

BTE has several chronic condition care programs for which physicians are seeking recognition. While much of the information collected for each program is the same, some measures do differ between programs. The BTE Data Aggregator Readiness Assessment will help you in a couple of ways. First, it will help you understand your readiness to take part as a data aggregator by running you through measures that need to be collected and seeing how readily available they are. Secondly, based on your answers it will be easy to see whether certain programs might be easier to implement than others because measure and clinician data is easily accessible.

To complete the DA Readiness Assessment, fill in the "Information Captured" and "Where Stored" columns. There are two sheets in the Assessment, one for program measures, and one for clinician information. Please make sure you complete both.

Depending on how much of the data is easily accessible to you and for which programs you have most data, you can quickly get a self assessment of the programs that might be best for you to try and implement. Your BTE contact will review your responses as well and provide feedback to help you choose.

BTE's Care Programs Include:

Congestive Heart Failure
Coronary Artery Disease

General information about each program is available at the link above. We'll go over the DA specific details as part of this Data Aggregator Approval Process.

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