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BTE's PAO System

The BTE performance assessment organization (PAO) system allows for rapid and independent medical record-based clinician performance evaluations by connecting local and national medical record data sources to a network of performance assessment organizations. BTE's goals are to: reduce the reporting burden for clinicians; leverage existing reporting/data aggregation initiatives; reduce data collection and reporting costs; facilitate the connection between quality improvement and incentives; and speed up cycle times between reporting, improvement and reporting. Clinicians who meet BTE performance thresholds may be eligible for BTE rewards through participating health plans, employers and coalitions.

To earn BTE recognition, clinicians and clinician practices voluntarily submit medical record data documenting their delivery of care to patients for certain disease conditions. BTE has partnered with two objective third party independent Performance Assessment Organizations (PAOs), IPRO and Minnesota Community Measurement (MNCM), to evaluate clinician data based on standard measures to publicly recognize those that meet the BTE performance thresholds. Those clinicians not meeting the BTE DCL performance thresholds remain anonymous to BTE and its health plan licensees.

Measurement results will be determined by collecting denominator (population) and numerator (measurement results) information, for the most recent date of care within the last 12 months in order to calculate a result for each clinician or clinician group applicant.

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