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Create and submit test file(s) for validation.

Note: a BTE license agreement should be executed before completing this step

Having mapped your data and built extraction reports, it is time to create a test file of your physician data. Each program requires the submission of two separate files, one for the clinical data, which differs for each program, and another for the clinician identifiers which is the same regardless of program. The test files (and live files) are submitted in comma delimited (.csv) file format. Sample file formats are available below for your reference to help you create your test files.

It is a good idea to create a solid internal procedure document for creating this file and update it according to the results of your test file review with your performance assessment organization. Once your test file has passed, you will be using this procedure on a regular basis to create and send files to the PAO.

Sample Clinician Identifier Data Format.xls
Sample Data Format_Diabetes Care Recognition.xls
Sample Data Format_CAD Care Recognition.xls
Sample Data Format_Cardiac Care Recognition.xls
Sample Data Format_CHF Care Recognition.xls
Sample Data Format_COPD Care Recognition.xls
Sample Data Format_Diabetes Care Recognition.xls
Sample Data Format_Hypertension Care Recognition.xls

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