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What BTE Means to the Consumer

While BTE has participation from physicians, health plans and employers, the common thread that is at the forefront of each stakeholder’s mission is the continued improvement in the quality of healthcare. The collaboration between employers, health plans and physicians places the consumer at the center of the equation and truly makes this a multi-stakeholder effort.  It is this synergy that creates improvement in the quality of care received on both a local and national level. 

Market participation in BTE means that consumers can research the quality of a specific physician or practice and find qualified physicians in an area, based on their criteria, through the BTE online consumer portal hosted by HealthGrades. 

 What is a qualified physician?

 A qualified physician is a physician that is recognized by  a Performance Assessment Organization, such as the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), as providing a high quality of care in one of the BTE program areas.  Find a qualified physician.

How does a physician become qualified?

Qualification requires meeting measures of care developed by these Performance Assessment Organizations, such as NCQA in collaboration with the American Diabetes Association,  American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association.  The ability to meet these measures exhibits that the physician and/or practice delivers quality care in the areas of cardiac, diabetes and system processes.  Encourage your physician to get certified today.

What does this mean for the physician and/or practice?

Engaging in the recognition process forces the physician and/or practice to self-evaluate care delivery and the current processes that are in place.  It further encourages patient engagement and the implementation of preventative measures.

What do I gain from this?

As a patient/consumer you gain the ability to receive quality care and an increased role in care assessment. Consumers can use the online tool developed by BTE and HealthGrades to look up physician certification information.


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Bridges to Excellence does not endorse any particular product or service or any physician or physician group.

Bridges to Excellence relies on third -party performance assessment organizations such as the NCQA and Quality Improvement Organizations to measure a physician or physician's group performance and ability to demonstrate that they meet certain measures of quality care.