Recognition Programs

BTE Recognitions Cover All Major Chronic Conditions

Given the evidence in the literature advocating the creation of clinician quality reward programs that promote continuous quality improvement amongst its participants, the BTE Care Recognition Programs are designed for clinicians to achieve BTE award status based on their performance summed up across all measures.

  • Three Stars: the program recognition threshold is set to focus on a clinician-centric view of measurement, looking at individual metrics summed to produce a composite score. Program recognition threshold has been set to focus on above average performance.
  • Four Stars: the program recognition threshold is set to focus on very good performance.
  • Five Stars: the program recognition threshold is set to focus on exceptional performance.


To seek BTE Care Recognition, clinician applicants must submit medical record data that demonstrates they meet BTE’s Care performance requirements. Each measure has an assigned maximum available point value; the total of all the measures is the same across all levels of recognition.

A clinician achieves points for a measure based on the percentage of their patient sample that meets or exceeds the set thresholds for that measure.

A clinician's recognition star rating is based on being in the following scoring ranges:

  • Three Stars: 50 - 64 points
  • Four Stars: 65 - 84 points
  • Five Stars: 85 points and above

Recognition is based on clinician performance relative to their peers. The Star Ratings are determined by overall point score and is graded on a validated bell curve. The Raw Score equivalents will be published on an annual basis.

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