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A great way to set yourself apart, strengthen your patient relationships, and earn rewards and recognition.

The Physician Office Link is part of a broader collaborative effort called Bridges to Excellence whose mission is to reward quality across the health care system.

By participating in the Physician Office Link, you can support an important quality improvement initiative while earning rewards for providing high quality care.

Here's how the program works

NCQA will evaluate applicants to the POL program in three overlapping categories of standards:

Clinical Information Systems/Evidence-Based Medicine
How does the practice use information to keep track of patients' treatments, follow up on tests, check medications and use researched standards of care?

Patient Education and Support
How does the practice use resources and referrals to help patients manage their own health? How does the practice measure and improve quality?

Care Management
How does the practices actively help patients with chronic conditions and patients with very complex problems maximize their health and prevent hospitalization?

Go directly to the NCQA Web site to get application materials. Or call NCQA Customer Support at 1-888-275-7585 for more information.

Get program details and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

BTE relies on the NCQA to measure a physician or physician's group performance and ability to demonstrate that they meet certain measures of quality care.

BTE does not endorse any particular product or service or any physician or physician group.

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