Bridges to Excellence & the Partnership for Value Driven Health Care

In August 2006, President Bush signed an Executive Order to promote transparency in the health care programs administered or sponsored by the federal government. United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Michael Leavitt has issued a broader challenge extending to other purchasers to implement “four cornerstones of value-driven health care”: utilizing health information technology, measuring and publishing quality information, measuring and publishing price information, and creating positive incentives for high quality, efficient health care. The Secretary’s call to action affords employers and other health care purchasers, a unique opportunity to accelerate this movement.

With this in mind, Value Driven Health Care - a Purchaser Guide was developed to assist purchasers to quickly identify which initiatives they can undertake to meet each of the cornerstones.   It includes a list of actions purchasers can take and, where applicable, a list of corresponding existing initiatives that support the goals of the cornerstones, including Bridges to Excellence.  BTE's programs hit the sweet spot on three of the four cornerstones because they (1) recognize and reward physicians for the adoption of better systems of care, including the adoption and use of interoperable health information technology, (2) publicly display and make available to consumers information on the quality of care of physicians in the community, and (3) create specific financial rewards for physicians to improve the quality of care they deliver.  Click on the links below to read more.

February 8 , 2007 - Major Business Groups Release Guide for Employers to Promote Value-Driven Health Care

Value Driven Health Care –  Purchaser Guide

Quick Reference Guide

Bridges to Excellence helps employers achieve Bush administration’s “cornerstones” for health care purchasing (Press release)