Fort Smith, Arkansas

The Employers’ Health Coalition of Arkansas is a direct purchasing coalition serving employers in western Arkansas.  EHCARK’s primary goal is to aid its members in purchasing quality healthcare services. Through the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH), EHCARK was one of the four original Bridges to Excellence demonstration sites.  NBCH is a Bridges to Excellence partner organization that is equally committed to improving healthcare quality through physician incentives in the local community.  Coalitions like EHCARK are an integral part of implementing BTE programs because of their valuable relationships with the local health community, including both payers and providers.

EHCARK has implemented all three BTE programs, POL, DCL and CCL, to improve the quality of care in the Fort Smith area.  The coalition is currently engaged in recruiting additional employers and physicians to participate in the programs to maximize the market impact.


Number of Recognized Physicians: 8

Rewards Paid to Date: $0

BTE Programs Implemented: Physician Office Link, Diabetes Care Link, Cardiac Care Link

Geographic Scope of Market: Fort Smith area 

Number of Covered Lives in Market: 20,000

Participating Employers: Baldor, Chem-Fab, City of Hot Springs, City of Fort Smith, Cloyes Gear, OK
      Industries, Riverside, Triumph Airborne, Whirlpool, WW&L, KOPCO/Butler & Cook/BKB

Licensed Health Plan Administrators: None

Performance Assessment Organizations and Measures: National Committee for Quality Assurance   

Reward Amounts:

Basic $15 $80 $80
Intermediate $30 Not Applicable Not Applicable
Advanced $50 Not Applicable $160

 Next Rewards Cycle:   2nd Quarter 2007

 BTE RDE Costs: More information coming soon

 Regional Contacts:

Name Organization Contact Information Contact Type
Caryol Hendricks Employer’s Health Coalition of Arkansas [email protected]
General BTE information and participation in AR


National Business Coalition on Health and Local Coalitions Launch Bridges to Excellence Initiative



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