Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is committed to ensuring the delivery of quality services to members and is the first health plan in NC to implement Bridges to Excellence. This 3-year pilot of a provider reward and recognition program is one of several initiatives to test ways to improve health outcomes and affordability for members.

There are many opportunities for improvement in how our nation's health care system recognizes and rewards clinical excellence. The Bridges to Excellence pilot will create new financial incentives to improve care by recognizing and rewarding qualifying physicians for taking concrete, measurable steps to further improve health outcomes for their patients.

To extend the reach of this important quality initiative, the BTE pilot was launched in conjunction with the North Carolina State Health Plan. The State Health Plan also desires to see the highest quality of care delivered in North Carolina for its members ( BCBSNC and the State Health Plan will fund the pool of BTE rewards.

All ASO and insured commercial BCBSNC members, under age 65, and State Health Plan members, that are treated by physicians participating in the pilot will count towards rewards.

All primary care physicians, endocrinologists and cardiologists contracting with BCBSNC were invited to apply for participation in this pilot. Physicians with about 40,000 BCBSNC and SHP members will be selected for the pilot. From those who apply, selection is made on the basis of geography, specialty, practice size and other factors.

Participating physicians earning one or more of three NCQA Recognition Programs will automatically earn BTE financial rewards paid by BCBSNC and the SHP. These rewards are in addition to normal fee reimbursements. They will also be recognized in BCBSNC's provider directory. BCBSNC will provide on-site and telephonic assistance to these physicians, as well as making it possible for them to participate in an electronic prescribing initiative for a year at no charge (e-Prescribe). Finally, physicians earning NCQA Recognition will be reimbursed for the fees they have paid to NCQA.

For more information about BCBSNC's BTE implementation, please download this press release (82kb MS Word document).

Program Participation: Physician Office Link Program (POL), Diabetes Physician Recognition Program (DPRP), Cardiac Care Link Program (CCL)
*Learn more about how to become an NCQA Recognized Physician*

Physician Office Link Program (POL)
The POL program is designed to promote and reward office practices for the use of systematic information to enhance the quality of patient care.

Systematic processes have been shown to contribute to improvements in health care, including physicians' ability to monitor their patients' medical histories and their ability to follow up with their patients and with other providers. Physicians earning the NCQA Physician Practice Connection Recognition Program will earn BTE rewards each year (see below) for each BCBSNC and SHP member with a claim during a recent 12-month period.

Diabetes Care Link Program (DCL)
The DCL program is focused on improving the quality of care for patients with diabetes. Physicians earning the NCQA Diabetes Physician Recognition Program can earn rewards (see below) each year for BCBSNC and SHP members treated for diabetes during a recent 12-month period.

Cardiac Care Link Program (CCL)
The CCL program is focused on improving the quality of care for patients with cardiovascular disease. Physicians who demonstrate they are top performers in cardiac care can earn rewards (see below) each year for BCBSNC and SHP members treated for cardiovascular disease during a recent 12-month period.

Pilot Reward Opportunities

Basic per member ($) Intermediate per member ($) Advanced per member ($) Basic per DCL member ($) Basic per CCL member ($) Advanced per CCL member ($)


20 30 50 70 70 120
2 15 30 50 70 60 120
3 10 30 50 70 50 120
Annual Caps

15k/physician 90k/location

20k/physician 120k/location 25k/physician 150k/location 15k/physician 90k/location 15k/physician 90k/location 25k/physician 150k/location
Overall Cap $60,000 per physician for the entire three-year Pilot for all programs combined.

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