Program Evaluation

BTE Executive Summary
(Through June 2006)
Recognized Physicians
Recognized Practices 250
Patients Seeing Recognized Physicians 5,463,241
BTE Bonus Earned $4,761,400
States with Operational BTE Programs

(AR, CO, DC, DE, GA, KY, MA, MD, MN, NC, NY, OH)

Better quality can cost less and incentives work.

As part of its comprehensive evaluation, BTE has published many articles in which it has described its genesis and the principles that govern its programs. In addition, BTE has made available the full review of its original four pilot sites (Boston, MA, Cincinnati, OH, Louisville, KY, Schenectady, NY), in an evaluation that demonstrates the programs’ effectiveness:

  1. Incentives that reward physicians for adopting better systems of care result in physician practice reengineering and adoption of health information technology;
  2. Incentives that reward physicians for delivering good outcomes to patients with diabetes result in physicians changing the way in which they practice care – from reactive to proactive – and in patients getting better care;
  3. Physicians that are recognized for adopting better systems of care and physicians that deliver better outcomes for patients with diabetes are more cost-efficient (on a severity and case-mix adjusted basis) than physicians that are not recognized;
  4. Performance measures that focus on intermediate outcomes for patients with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary artery disease and cardio-vascular disease, and measures of effective treatment protocols for patients with recent cardiac events hold the highest clinical and actuarial value of most measures of ambulatory care.

Below are links to documents that cover the points listed above:

Program evaluation

    1. BTE Program Evaluation (PDF) – July 2006
    2. Monthly Program Metrics (PDF) – July 2006
    3. White Paper

Research and Analysis

    1. Cardiac Care Analysis- Savings Estimate (PDF) - December 29, 2003
    2. Diabetes Care Analysis - Savings Estimate (PDF) - December 6, 2005
    3. Evaluation of the Diabetes Care Link (PDF) - February-March 2005

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