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Delia Vetter

Senior Director of Benefits and Programs
EMC Corporation

Delia Vetter joined EMC Corporation in 1994. Her responsibilities include creating and implementing benefits strategy, communications, systems, and administration for EMC’s organizations in the United States and Canada.

In her career at EMC, Ms. Vetter has built a comprehensive benefits program focused on cost-effectiveness, innovative technologies, and health programs. Recently, she led the development of a cost containment health care management strategy focused on employee consumerism, using leading edge technology to manage employee health and health care dollars, as well as to effect behavior modification.

Under her leadership, EMC’s health care management strategy has received numerous Best Practice Awards, including: New England Employee Benefits Council Awards: On-site Employee Assistance Program, Health Care Strategy, and Health Care Scorecard; Worcester Business Journal: Health Care Heroes Award; Dalton Pen: Website Communications Award; and ADP: Outstanding Business Relationship, Strategy Excellence.

Ms. Vetter serves on several Advisory Counsels such as WebMD, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and several other Massachusetts-based health plans. Actively involved in the health care marketplace, she is a member of several organizations, such as New England Health Institute Research and Policy Committee, Human Resources Policy Association Coalition on National Health Access, Pharmaceutical coalition focused on prescription drug price transparency, The Leapfrog Group, HCI3, Associated Industries of Massachusetts, and The New England Employee Benefits Counsel.