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We have a vision for the US health care system. And every day it comes a little closer to reality.

In our vision:

  • Clinicians know which treatment patterns provide the best outcomes, especially for the chronic conditions most harmful to our nation’s health and finances. The guidelines are easy to follow and based on years of empirical study.
  • Hospitals manage and treat patients with greater effectiveness and far fewer mistakes. The rate of unnecessary readmissions is vastly reduced, and patients view hospitals as beacons of excellence.
  • Clinicians and hospitals are rewarded for the quality of care they provide, not the number of tests or procedures they perform. They have incentives to collaborate closely, and information to improve patient health without over-treatment or under-treatment.
  • The massive inefficiencies in today’s system are eliminated. Money is redirected in ways that make proven medical and financial sense, and top performers earn the most. In this vision, our innovative and dynamic society finally has a health care system to match.