Discover Your Opportunity (DYO)

Discover Your Opportunity (DYO)

If you are a healthcare provider, payer, purchaser, or researcher with access to administrative claims data you will benefit greatly from this application. You will have the opportunity to upload your claims data and receive a tailored set of reports that will provide insights into what, where and how you can design incentive strategies to improve your health care cost and quality outcomes.

What, Where and How… three important words to which we provide context and, in so doing, hope to help you understand your opportunities and get faster from discovery to action.

When you submit claims data you will learn:

  • What is the source of your cost “problem” and its magnitude?
  • Where should you focus your energy to start solving the problem?
  • How do you harvest some of the potential savings?

Learn more about the Opportunity Report you will receive after submitting your data.

Learn more about how to prepare your data for submission.

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