Physician Office Systems

Physician Office Systems

Recognition for using leading-edge information systems

This program is designed to recognize practices that use information systems to enhance the quality of patient care. To obtain Recognition, practices must demonstrate that they have implemented systematic office processes to reduce errors and increase quality. The program includes three levels of recognition:

  • Level I elements assess the use of evidence-based standards of care; maintenance of patient registries to identify and follow up with at-risk patients; and provision of educational resources to patients.
  • Level II elements assess whether practices use electronic systems to maintain patient records; provide decision support; enter orders for prescriptions and lab tests; and provide patient reminders.
  • Level III elements assess whether a practice’s electronic systems interconnect and are “interoperable” with other systems whether they use nationally accepted medical code sets or they can automatically send, receive and integrate data such as lab results and medical histories from other organizations’ systems.

Recognized clinicians, regardless of level, have shown their ability to deliver better care through reducing errors and increasing quality.

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