Become a Data Aggregator

Become a Data Aggregator

How to Become a Data Aggregator

(BTE Approved Registry / EMR System)

You'll find the information you need to start on the path toward becoming a BTE approved registry (data aggregator) below. This includes the roles and responsibilities of data aggregators as well as the requirements for becoming one. Once you understand and you're ready to start on the requirements, fill out the Data Aggregator Interest Form and start choosing the program(s) you wish to implement. We'll email you with additional information such as a contact with BTE who will work with you to help you through the process.

Data Aggregator Approval Process Steps:

(Not all are sequential, much can happen simultaneously or in alternate orders)


Complete the Data Aggregator Interest Form

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Understand BTE's PAO System

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Complete/review the DA readiness assessment and determine which BTE Care Programs you want to implement.

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Review the data requirements for the program(s) you have selected.

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Map Your Data and Build Extraction Reports

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Tell us where you are. Request and sign a BTE Limited License Agreement

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Create and submit test file(s) for validation.

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Upon test file validation, you will be assigned a performance assessment organization (PAO) with whom you will need to sign a data use agreement

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Complete and submit denominator certification worksheets/documentation for your PAO to review

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Identify clinicians and practices who wish to participate and modify agreements with them to include submission of their data to the BTE PAO

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Acquire and test PAO portal access for submission of data (information provided by PAO)

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Submit live data for scoring and audit

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