Data Aggregators

Data Aggregators

Data Aggregators - Participate in BTE

Several types of organizations may be approved by HCI3 to become a data aggregators (DAs) including: electronic medical records organizations, patient registries, decision support tools, health information exchanges, community initiatives and even large health systems. Data aggregators can be national or regional.  A data aggregator is the conduit through which clinician medical record data is passed to performance assessment organizations for scoring to assess whether clinicians should be recognized. Once a DA meets the HCI3 requirements, the DA works with their customers who wish to participate, submits their data to a performance assessment organization for scoring using the BTE Recognition Care program criteria and communicates results of the scoring back to the clinicians and practices.

This automated performance assessment process allows for rapid and independent medical record-based clinician performance evaluations by connecting electronic medical record data sources or data aggregators to a network of performance assessment organizations. BTE works with DAs to facilitate clinician performance assessment in order to: reduce the reporting burden for clinicians; leverage existing reporting/data aggregation initiatives; reduce data collection and reporting costs; facilitate the connection between quality improvement and incentives; and speed up cycle times between reporting and quality improvement.

DA roles and responsibilities include:

  • recruiting and enrolling clinicians for BTE assessment;
  • interfacing with clinicians via the electronic data;
  • extracting de-identified medical record data in accordance with BTE’s eligibility and measures specifications;
  • sending extracted medical record data and clinician identifiers to a PAO quarterly in a standardized electronic format for performance measurement;
  • communicating performance assessment results and opportunities for improvement back to participating clinicians;