Programs & Efforts

Programs & Efforts

HCI3 aims to improve health care quality and value with evidence-based incentive programs and a fair and powerful model for payment reform.

HCI3 is a non-profit organization, guided by a Board of Directors that includes physicians, employers, health plans, and others. We have created a broad range of programs to:

  • Measure health outcomes
  • Reduce preventable care defects
  • Promote a team-based approach to caring for patients
  • Realign provider payment incentives around quality
  • Reward excellence wherever we find it

We began with a simple mission: to create significant leaps in the quality of care. Our goal from the start has been to recognize and reward clinicians who have implemented comprehensive solutions in the management of patients, and deliver safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable and patient-centered care. We’ve implemented our programs in communities across the country, working collaboratively with clinicians, hospitals, employers, health plans and others, through two brands:

Bridges to Excellence® (BTE): A family of programs to reward Recognized physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who meet certain performance measures.

PROMETHEUS Payment®: A compensation approach based on medical episodes of care, that provides a fair and realistic blueprint for true payment reform.

Bridges to Excellence was founded in 2003, and later merged with PROMETHEUS Payment to form HCI3.