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BTE and Transparency

Regardless of what stakeholder group you represent and where your view may lie, there is one thing that is a common thread across the board; we are all consumers of healthcare and we all seek and appreciate quality care.  The first step in ensuring that we are receiving quality care is creating a system that allows us to see what actually makes up the healthcare services available.  It allows providers the ability to display the quality care they deliver, consumers are able to make better informed decisions and the overall sector sees decreased costs and increased quality. Transparency levels the playing field and brings all stakeholders together in the improvement of quality.

Bridges to Excellence leverages the value in transparency to reward physicians who provide high-quality care.  The program works in collaboration with employers, health plans and providers to address rising health care costs in the interest of improving the quality of care that is delivered.  At the center of the program are evidence-based performance standards that BTE developed through working with the National Committee for Quality Assurance, the American Diabetes Association, The American Health Association/American Stroke Association and physician experts.  The end result are three sets of measures that accurately and confidently evaluate physicians in cardiovascular care, diabetes care, and patient care management through information technology.

Transparency and Pay for Performance: Building a Real Business Case for Better Quality Health Care: Francois de Brantes, National Coordinator, Bridges to Excellence


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Bridges to Excellence does not endorse any particular product or service or any physician or physician group.

Bridges to Excellence relies on third -party performance assessment organizations such as the NCQA and Quality Improvement Organizations to measure a physician or physician's group performance and ability to demonstrate that they meet certain measures of quality care.