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Bridges to Excellence, in collaboration with the American Health Quality Association, has developed a toolkit for Quality Improvement Organizations (QIO), which provides a detailed and easy to follow outline of both the BTE program and the roles that QIOs can play in their respective states. This toolkit guides the QIO through the physician/practice performance assessment process, how to effectively convene all the necessary stakeholders, and how to enable practices in the process of practice re-engineering. Communication is a fundamental part of BTE, and this toolkit offers insight based on experience in engaging physicians in BTE and the importance of participating in a performance improvement program.

Attachment I: Onsite Practice Assessment Tool

Attachment II: Point Summary

Attachment III: BTE Office Systems Survey Tool


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Bridges to Excellence does not endorse any particular product or service or any physician or physician group.

Bridges to Excellence relies on third -party performance assessment organizations such as the NCQA and Quality Improvement Organizations to measure a physician or physician's group performance and ability to demonstrate that they meet certain measures of quality care.