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BTE Live on the news
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BTE was featured in this Fox News broadcast on May 16, 2005. In it you will hear broadly about Bridges To Excellence and also see and hear about two concerns with respect to any program that offers financial incentives to physicians for delivering a higher level of quality care. Here are these two objections and the associated responses from BTE.

Concern #1: Physicians should not be rewarded for what we should expect them to do today.

BTE's Response: Physicians around the country are delivering the care that they are contracted for by health plans while delivering average to slightly above-average care. BTE programs are designed to encourage significant improvements in the quality of care and require tremendous effort on the part of physicians to re-engineer their practices. This effort requires time and resources from the physicians in a practice and needs to be encouraged in the same way that any other industry encourages its participants that perform better. Many countries around the world are engaged in similar efforts, recognizing that paying the same to every physician does not encourage them to perform better than their peers.

Concern #2: Physicians will be encouraged to take care of healthier patients and get rid of their sicker ones.

BTE's Response: The Bridges To Excellence programs give bonuses to doctors on a per patient basis. As such, if a physician loses a patient, they also lose the bonus, which means that they have a direct incentive to keep all their patients and care for them. In the current markets in which BTE is active, we have found that recognized physicians are actually eager to see more patients for whom they can get a bonus, not fewer.

Every incentive program always has the potential for unintended consequences and we have established strong reporting and control mechanisms to flag issues and mitigate against them.

BTE Physician/Press Contacts

A. O'Tayo Lalude, MD
Caritas Physician Group, Westside
Victor Shpilberg, MD
Pleasure Ridge Primary Care
Karen Shpilberg-Office Manager

Jeffrey Lasker, MD
Hyde Park Pediatrics Partners HealthCare System
Pediatrics Office
Thomas Auer, MD
Community Care
Medical Director
Capital District
PPC in Process
Pamela Tomaszewski- Admin
Dr. Mike Barber- President
Group Health Associates
Paula Lafranconi, MD
Group Health Associates