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Bridges to Excellence announces the Recipient of the First Annual Leadership Award - Robert S. Galvin, MD, - Director of Corporate Health Care and Medical Services for General Electric

May 17, 2006

Washington, D.C. - On May 17th, Bridges to Excellence (BTE) Officers, Dale Whitney and Thomas H. Lee, MD presented Dr. Robert Galvin, Director of Corporate Health Care and Medical Services for GE, with BTE's first ever Annual Leadership Award. The award was given to Dr. Galvin out of appreciation for the outstanding management and support that General Electric has provided to BTE under Dr. Galvin’s leadership.

Beginning from the inception of the program and continuing through to today, Dr. Galvin has been a driving force in the success of BTE. “Thanks to your support, the program has experienced phenomenal growth and continues to have a positive impact on the national health care system. Simply put, without your vision and support, there would be not be a Bridges to Excellence program.” said Dale Whitney, President of BTE. Dr. Galvin continues to focus on improving the state of health care through his work at GE.

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