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*Regional Notes

Geographic Scope of Market: 
View the current service area. Note the geographic area is not limited to the current service area – new participants in any area of the state and bordering counties are encouraged to participate. 

Reward Amounts: Note: In 2006 NCQA released version 2 of its PPC assessment program.  Physicians in practices that have previously completed and have active recognition under NCQA's PPC version 1 may still be eligible for POL rewards.  Practices that have completed 6 or more modules are now recognized by BTE at Level I, while practices that have completed 9 or more modules are recognized by BTE at Level II.  Please note that to achieve Level III POL recognition, practices must complete PPC version 2.

BTE RDE Costs: BTE NY pricing template

Upstate New York and New York City

Upstate New York is one of the original Bridges to Excellence pilot markets and has been active since 2004. Since that time, the market and the participating practices have made significant improvements in the care that is delivered. These improvements were motivated and achieved through the BTE collaborative effort and dedicated participation by all stakeholders. What is critical to note is that the improvements impact not just the employees of the participating employers, but all patients that visit the recognized physicians and practices.  Some of the best examples of practice transformation come from the Upstate NY region. For example, large multi-specialty practices have instituted diabetes improvement programs, comprehensive patient education, and support and care management programs. Upstate NY will continue to build on that success and look to expand BTE participation to new purchasers, employers, coalitions, health plans and providers.

Downstate in New York City, BTE is collaborating with the NY City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH) in an effort to create a city-wide implementation that would capitalize on the Department's Primary Care Information Project ( The goal is to harmonize a core set of performance measures in NYC around the Take Care NY program that will form the basis for BTE's recognition programs.  The NYC DOHMH and BTE have started a series of conversations with NYC-based health plans, including Wellpoint, Emblem, Aetna and CIGNA, and will continue to work with those plans to tie physician incentives to BTE recognitions achieved by physicians in NYC through this collaborative effort.  All physicians in NYC will have an opportunity to participate in the effort if they have a means to report their performance data electronically to the TCNY measures database.  Current partners also include the NY State Medical Society.


Number of Recognized Physicians:
381 in Upstate NY

Rewards Paid to Date:
$1.7 million since 2004 (in Upstate NY)

BTE Programs Implemented:
Physician Office Link, Diabetes Care Link, Cardiac Care Link

Geographic Scope of Market: 
Select NY counties for Upstate NY*

Number of Covered Lives in Market:

Participating Employers: General Electric , Golub Price Chopper , Verizon

Licensed Health Plan Administrators: CDPHP , MVP Health Plan

Performance Assessment Organizations and Measures:
National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), IPRO (POL Only)

Reward Amounts:

Recognition POL DCL CCL
Level I
Level II
Level III
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