Physicians in the Akron-Canton area realize that providing a higher quality level of care really does pay off. A group of area businesses, school districts and governments known as The Community Healthcare Coalition Inc., are launching the Bridges to Excellence (BTE) program to reward physicians who consistently meet NCQA standards. BTE was established in 2002 to recognize and reward higher quality care and is made up of physicians, health plans and several of the nation's largest employers, including City of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, General Electric, P&G, UPS and Humana. Since BTE’s launch in June 2003, the number of recognized physicians in the Ohio market has grown significantly to 118 recognized physicians-focusing on treating patients with diabetes. From BTE’s initial implementation in Cincinnati, the not-for-profit organization has administered rewards in excess of $420,000 to Cincinnati area physicians.

Diabetes Physician Recognition Program (DPRP)
*Learn more about how to become an NCQA Recognized Physician*

BTE Administrator Responsibilities

  • Obtain licensing from BTE
  • Perform the administrative functions necessary to identify eligible physicians and make incentive payments to those treating diabetic patients with insurance coverage provided by a participating employer.
  • Assist participating employers with the physician recruiting process.


United Health Care



City of Cincinnati

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

General Electric




*21.4% Employer Diabetic Patients are being seen by NCQA Recognized Docs

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Regional Contact(s)
Contact Information
Eric Hokenson
Program Manager
United Healthcare

[email protected]

Rich Johnson
Program Manager
[email protected]
502-580 4381

All physician inquires should be funneled through the participating BTE Health Plan Administrators.

*For any inquires regarding rewards administration, including patient counts, please contact either UHC or Humana. MedStat will not be able to provide this information in the future.

*For more information regarding Health Plan Licensing please click here.


Benefits of DPRP Certification

DPRP certified physicians in Ohio:

  • Are eligible for an annual bonus payments for diabetic patients with insurance coverage provided by a participating employer.
  • Will receive recognition for providing the best possible diabetic care on the following Web sites used by consumers to identify a physician:
    • The NCQA Web site, a foremost source of information for consumers
    • The American Diabetes Association's Web site
    • The Web sites of the participating health plans with which the physician is associated.
  • Will benefit from communications designed by participating employers to
    educate employees about DPRP certified physicians and the benefits of seeking treatment from such physicians.
Recognized Practices
Recognized Physicians
Rewards Paid

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"Quality Care Could Mean Extra Cash for Doctors"
(Cheryl Powell for the Beacon Journal)
- January 20, 2006

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