Diabetes CareRewards FAQ

Diabetes Care Link (DCL) represents a collaborative effort among employers, health plans, and physicians to improve the quality of care for patients with diabetes. DCL encourages patients to optimally manage their diabetes and rewards physicians who can demonstrate that they are top performers in providing quality diabetes care.

What is Diabetes CareRewards?

Diabetes CareRewards is a website specifically designed for patients diagnosed with diabetes. Industry research has shown that people with diabetes are concerned about eating well, beating stress, staying active, and finding resources to manage their condition.

Diabetes CareRewards promotes the achievement of target diabetes goals to improve health and prevent diabetes complications. By working to optimally manage diabetes, patients will be eligible to earn points via CareRewards.

What are CareRewards?

CareRewards is a system for tracking key diabetes self-care activities. On a regular basis patients will record information within the website that can earn them reward points and incentives. By following the seven self-care activities listed below, patients earn points and improve their health.

Self-Care Activity Frequency of Points Awarded


Hemoglobin A1c checked

Every 6 months
Foot care Every 6 months
Cholesterol and Blood Pressure checked Every 6 months

Diet/exercise - Exercise 4 times per week, on a diet regime, maintaining healthy weight or losing weight

Every 3 months
Medications (as prescribed) Every 3 months

Blood sugar level regularly monitored as directed by your doctor (for example, 3 times per day)

Every 3 months

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Who sponsors the Diabetes CareRewards program?

A powerful coalition of employers and health plans has joined together to promote the achievement of target diabetes goals to improve the quality of diabetes care and prevent diabetes complications.

Who is eligible?

All employees and dependents, over the age of 18, with diabetes who are covered by an eligible health plan offered by one of the sponsors are invited to participate in Diabetes CareRewards.

With healthcare costs rising, how can Diabetes CareRewards be offered to patients?

When a patient and physician work together for better health, costs go down for everyone.

Do patients have to change physicians to participate?

No. Patients do not have to change doctors to be eligible to use the Diabetes CareRewards website.

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