Prometheus White Paper - Paying for Excellence

Health care payment reform can only begin first by understanding the root causes for the failure of the current payment system. It is from this premise that the white paper, Prometheus, Paying for Excellence frames a discussion and proposal of a new payment concept and unique implementation design that can move the system towards reformation, and revolution.

Prometheus uses well- practiced payment elements today, however there are several critical design factors that differentiate the concept: case rates are based on evidence-based guidelines and severity adjustments; a performance scorecard that encourages clinical integration around the care of the whole patient, including patient experience results and cost-efficiency; and a design that can accommodate a wide range of providers and level of integration.

While a proposal designed to address, solve or mitigate the myriad of factors that contribute to the toxicity of the system today could not possibly be simple in nature, the Prometheus concept admittedly could be perceived as complex and we encourage you to share your perspectives and deliberate response.

In addition, Prometheus is engaged in a national search for demonstration sites in which the model could be implemented, tested and refined.Please see the RFI for more information on the pilot site selection process.

Prometheus has also formed some Working Groups focused on defining Evidence-based Case Rates in specific clinical areas—cancer, chronic conditions, orthopedic surgery, interventional cardiology. Please click here for more information on these Working Groups and the scope of work.

For any inquiries about Prometheus, the White Paper, the demonstration sites or the clinical Working Groups, please contact Francois de Brantes, National Coordinator for Bridges To Excellence and Prometheus