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Resources & Tools

BTE Quick Facts Reference Guide

A two-page summary that supplies a brief understanding of the program's mission, guiding principles, available programs and recognitions, consumer programs, and other quick links and references.

BTE Information Packet

A BTE Information Packet is available which provides an overview about the BTE reward programs and the specific measures used to assess physician performance in each of the BTE program areas. This packet also provides information about launching Bridges to Excellence in new market areas.

BTE Physician Rewards Program Packet
A BTE Physician Rewards Program Packet is available to BTE-eligible physicians in the following active BTE markets:

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Eastern New York area

This packet includes the physician's individual eligible reward amount available through the BTE program and instructions on how to obtain the rewards available. If you are a physician in one of the above BTE markets and would like to request your personalized Physician Rewards Program Packet, or if you would like to inquire about your eligibility for BTE, please contact Medstat at 1-800-224-7161 or [email protected].

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