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The following physician practicess have been Recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance Physician Recognition Program for the meeting the Physician Practice Connections Performance assessment measures and are participating in the Bridges to Excellence Physician Office Link Program:

To Date: POL physicians have been awarded a total of $56,585

Market Physician Practice Site
Lahey Clinic - Hamilton Wenham Practice
Partners HealthCare - Middleboro Pediatrics, P.C.

NCQA's office practice performance assessment program, Physician Practice Connections (PPC) involves a set of performance measures standards associated with comprehensive systems in three critical areas: clinical information systems, patient education and support, and care management. Physician Practice Connections is a voluntary performance assessment program.

Meeting PPC standards means that practices use connections--to information, to patients, to other practitioners, and to evidence based medicine. Based on health services research showing the importance of these connections to quality care, PPC recognizes those practices that:

  • Create personalized care plans
  • Work with patients over time
  • Follow up with patients and with other providers
  • Manage populations using evidence-based care
  • Employ electronic tools.

Physician Practice Connection's performance categories are part of a larger number of activities practices may be involved in to deliver quality, safe and evidence-based care. We also encourage you to contact the physician or practice directly.

Bridges to Excellence does not independently verify the accuracy of the information.