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Welcome to the Diabetes Care Link! This program falls within the overall Bridges to Excellence program, and is sponsored by a coalition of local employers, health plans and national health care organizations. It is designed to help you manage your diabetes and improve your health, by providing you with information, tools and access to doctors who deliver high quality diabetes care.

The information used in this program comes from the National Standards Diabetes Self-Management Education Program. Organizations such as the American Diabetes Association and the National Certification Board of Diabetes Educators have compiled guidelines on the best quality care for someone with Type II Diabetes.

This information will be integrated into a comprehensive web site that can act as your personal health care coach to help you better understand diabetes, support self-care activities and improve the care you receive from your doctor. The Diabetes Care Link Program will also offer you the chance to use a point system to stay motivated.

Look for more information on the Diabetes Care Link program later this year!