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American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM)

In February 2006, the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and BTE agreed to collaborate on an effort to recognize internists that deliver good quality care to patients (View the announcement). The assessment of an Internist’s quality of care will be performed by the ABIM through its Comprehensive Care Performance Improvement Module (CCPIM) and corresponding rewards will be paid through BTE's Comprehensive Care Management Link program. The Comprehensive Care Performance Improvement Module measures clinical process and outcomes, structural processes and systems of care, and patient experience with the care received. The goal is to adequately assess the breadth of care treated by internists in their practice.

The CCPIM relies on data stored in medical records in the physician's practice, which the physician must extract from those records and report to the ABIM. As such, the CCPIM will enable the physician to record measures that are significant in terms of their impact on the care of a patient and typically not available other than by looking through medical records (e.g. blood pressure for patients with hypertension).

The ABIM is currently conducting a beta test of the CCPIM in collaboration with BTE. The ABIM will use the results of the beta test to refine the CCPIM before its formal release in 2008.

About ABIM
The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) is an independent, not for profit organization that grants board certification - a well accepted marker of physician quality - to internists and subspecialists. Certification is a rigorous, comprehensive program for evaluating physician knowledge, skills and attitudes to assure both patients and payers that a physician has achieved competence for practice in a
given field. Individual physician certification results may be found at www.


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